Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Filmmaking Gear in Action

                iPhone Filmmaking Gear In Action

    It is one thing to tell you about the cool gadgets that you can use to make your iPhone film. It is another thing all together to actually see some of the items being used. I have found a great tutorial that shows some of the equipment being used. Here it is, have a look.

Mobile Filmmaking Gear from Photojojo from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

    Okay let me remind you again that the equipment that we pick is only part of the job. You still need to study lighting and sound. To make a good movie you will need a good story. When you are first starting out it is okay to make it up as you go along, but when you are ready for a professional looking film you are going to need a good script and plan your shots. You are a filmmaker and that is what filmmakers do. Whether you are shooting on film or making a low budget digital film you still have to plan out your shots.

    Okay that is it for this very short post. Good luck guys. Remember to add us to your google plus and to stumble us on stumble upon.
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