Saturday, April 26, 2014

Iphone Short Films and New Equipment

 Today I would like to show you guys a few award nominated short films that were shot using the iphone 4s and/or iphone 5. During the past year this style of film making is steadily growing in popularity. As always keep in mind that to become a good iphone or smartphone film maker you must first learn the basics of film making. You must spend time learning about lighting and how to capture quality sound. Okay lets look at some footage shot with an iphone 5. This is test footage that has been nominated for awards.

iPhone 5 + PentaEye = Awesome! from Shana: HAPPYSHIVER on Vimeo.

 Next up is a short film that was shot using the iphone 4s. This short is from Japan, I would love to get more footage from Japan since some of the best feature length films are made there each year. The title is A Class Re-union.


 The next short is titled A Little More Drama, and it was shot using an Iphone 5.

a Little More Drama - shot on iPhone 5 (Award Winning) from Johan Dijkstra on Vimeo.

 Next is a little short film that I like a lot. Maybe because I like sci fi that is idea rather than effect oriented, The Dark Side of The Earth.

  VIPRE Mobile Security

 The last thing I want you to look at is a new piece of equipment that can be used while film making with the iphone.


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