Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stable iPhone Filmmaking

                Are You a Stable Filmmaker?

    Not a silly question if you spend a few hours each day in front of a computer screen watching footage shot with the iPhone and other digital devices. One of the biggest problems is shaky camera.

    Far too many iphone film makers think that they have the hands of a master surgeon and believe that they can maintain a steady shot even in the middle of a hurricane. You cannot do this and even if you are the one in a million film maker who could why would you want to take the risk.

    With camcorder and Dslr cameras I would readily suggest using a tripod, but the smart phones are so much smaller and part of the fun of using them is their mobility. So what I am going to suggest to you guys is a few steady cam options for you to consider.

    This is a little tutorial on one such option.

    This is a look at two more stablizer videos. 

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