Thursday, July 12, 2012

Filmmaking Resources

                iPhone Filmmaking Resources

    Since the whole filmmaking using a phone industry is still in its beginning stages the resources for those of us who are interested in this field is limited.

    There are a great many iPhone short films out there right now and a few
features in production at this moment. Today I would like to introduce you to
one such resource a channel dedicated to this form of filmmaking and I thought that I would post two of their short tutorials.

    As always you must keep in mind that you are still a film maker first. The rules do not change no matter what you use to capture an image. Your iPhone is almost equal in cost to most of the low priced camcorders that shoot footage at 24 frames per second. It is almost even in price to the Canon t2i a Dslr that has been used to shoot not only many shorts, but more and more features. If you are going to be a film maker then you are still going to have to take some time to learn about lighting and sound and quality acting. If you have the talent that little camera phone can not only produce quality footage, but if you are talented enough it can make your dreams come true.

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