Monday, June 17, 2013

A Look At iPhone 5 Short Films

A Look At iPhone 5 Films

I have been busy working on finishing up an eBook so I have not posted as often as I would have liked to. Today we are going to look at some shorts that have been shoot using the iPhone 5.

So far the iPhone 5 looks like a great addition to the digital film makers tool kit. I still like the iPhone 4s as a film making tool because at the moment there are so many addons and accessories that are available to use with the 4s that have to be redo to fit the iPhone 5 due to the different dimensions.

I would again like to remind you all that it still comes down to basic film making technique.

If you want to make a quality film, then you should start with a quality script. A good script for a short film and a great one for a movie. If you wish to learn the basics of writing a good screenplay then (shameless plug alert) check out a copy of my screenwriting good by clicking the banner on the right side of this post.

Next you will need to learn about basic lighting.

Here is a quick video on the subject. Not how to light, but what kind of lights that you should look into.

 Next is a video on better lighting.

 Now we will look at a few iphone 5 short films.
(David Lynch's Louboutins) Belafonte Neo-Noir Digital Surreal Short Move Along from SSBELAFONTE on Vimeo.

Crevice, 틈 from dong-hyuck kim on Vimeo.

Goodbye from Keaton Tucker on Vimeo.

I would like to thank Vimeo for today's short films. I have to say that the video quality is slightly better than at youtube. If you are just a film maker I would strongly suggest trying them out to display your videos. You can use both youtube and vimeo if you wish, but watching movies of vimeo I sometimes get that Imax theater feeling.

Okay that will be it for today. Please take a moment to share this post with a friend and add us to your  google plus.

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