Monday, April 30, 2012

                   iPhone Blockbusters

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    There aren’t any iPhone Blockbusters yet and this is the good news. You can be the first person to shoot an entire feature using your iPhone that will make millions of dollars. Features have been shoot using the iPhone.
    The picture quality is getting better and the market for these movies can only grow.

    This blog is going to focus on the basics. This is movie making 101. We are going to treat the iPhone as we would any other small camera.

    With a camera we need certain things to shoot a quality film.

    We will need a good lens. The lens on the camera is going to be good enough for close friends and family, but if you want to produce something that will change the world, or at least your world we are going to have to attach a better lens.

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We are going to need lights.  I promise that we will keep the lighting setup under 50 dollars. What would the point of using an iPhone to shoot your film be if I was going to suggest that you use a 1000 dollar lighting set up.

This is low budget filmmaking which means that nothing can cost more than your camera.

    Next we will get you some quality sound. Again we will try to keep the sound needs under 200 dollars. Why does sound cost more than lights? That is easy to answer. Views will forgive poor lighting more than they will poor sound.

    Next we will look at editing your film.  Your computer and some low cost software will do.  We will also talk about a script. Trust me that even found footage films have scripts.

    At the end of this we will talk about marketing and distribution of your film.

   Note pictures have been provided by my friends at Photojojo. The only connection we have with them are that they have and will continue to provide really cool pictures for us. If you have any technical questions about lenses and mounts they would be a great resource to contact.

    Okay here is a short iPhone film.

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