Sunday, May 6, 2012

iPhone Short Films for Inspiration

I could write about making iPhone movies, but reading is not the same as seeing them first hand so I though that today we would looks at few iPhone shorts and mention a few of the basics needed to make one.
     You are going to need something to stabilize your iPhone, meaning a mount or a steadicam or a tripod. Shooting hand held is not a real option. Shaky camera work is for those who have been in the industry for years and have actually planned it that way. Secondly you are going to need something to help with sound unless you are doing a sequel to the Artist. Get an attachable mic or something like a zoom H2 or H4 to record sound. And an app to edit once your are done shooting.

     Okay let's look at the first short film, this is an asian horror short Titled Cursed. It was shoot using an Apple iPhone 4S.

Okay nexted up is Limbo also shot with the iPhone 4S.

And the last of the 3 films we will be looking at is a split screen film that shows footage shot with the iPhone and the Canon 5d side by side. Matches up a lot better than I though that it would.

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