Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iphone 4s vs. The World

                iPhone Filmmaking, The Battles

    If you want to know how good a camera is then sometimes you are going to have to pit it against other cameras. If the iPhone is going to be used to make films, then it is going to have to be able to compete against the dslr cameras. So I have gathered together some test videos where the iphone 4s is pitted against the massive dslr cameras.

    You would at first think that it would not stand a chance, but hey this is a Apple and they have been known to make some pretty impressive technology.

    To look at the iPhone laying next to the Dslr cameras you would think that in this battle to come that the iPhone would be crushed.

    Okay the first battle we are going to look at is the iPhone vs. the Canon t3i. Both are shooting HD rather than movie mode, but I was pretty impressed by the iPhone 4s. It seemed to have richer and deeper color than the Canon.

Next up is a battle with the Canon 5d mark ii. This camera is the gold standard of Dslrs. They are shooting feature length movies with the Canon 5d and the iPhone 4s measures up well to this camera. USA, LLC

      Just remember if you are going to be an iPhone filmmaker you are still going to have to learn about lighting and sound and the basic techniques used by filmmakers. If you wish to learn many of these techniques I am building a all purpose website for the micro budget filmmaker. If you would like to visit it
click here . The site is not complete yet, but there is plenty of information for the beginning filmmaker there.

      The last thing that I would like to leave you with is a very basic lighting tutorial. You will need to know this if you are going to be making a low budget movie with your iPhone.

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