Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Iphone Filmmaking Back to Basics

                Iphone Filmmaking, Back To Basics

    For those of you who are new to the blog or those who would like a refresher course this post is for you. The basics of what make a quality video involve more that just pointing your device and capturing video.
    You will need to learn the basics of iphone film making.

    Let’s start off with a quick little video tutorial on how to shoot good iphone video.

    Next we need to talk about basic film making techniques. These techniques are the same whether you are making an iphone movie or a digital feature film. These are the basic things that we must do to get that film look.

First thing you want to do is to shoot your film at 24 frames per second or simply 24p. This is the industry standard and it is why films look different from broadcast tv and or video. The best way to do this with your iphone is to add an app. The app that was designed to give you that film look is one named Filmic pro. You can download this from the app store. Here is a short video concerning the app, there is also an app called almost dslr.

    Next thing we need to concern ourselves with is basic lighting. The kind of lighting we use is called 3 point lighting. The basic set up that is used in all films. You need to understand key light, fill light and back light.

    Okay now if you got that we need to look at basic sound recording. You can use your iphone to record the sound and if you are making the film for a few friends or just yourself then the mic on the phone will do fine. However if you are making a film to be seen by others. To be broadcasted or even sold, then you are gonna need to use an external recording device. The best low budget answer to this is to get a zoom h1 audio recorder. They cost around a hundred dollars and record great sound.
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    You will want to edit your iphone film. There is an app that will make it easy for you to do this on your phone or you could download the footage to your computer and use professional editing software to edit it into a film.

This post has been for the beginner. If you wish to learn more about digital filmmaking please click here  to visit my website.

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