Thursday, January 3, 2013

Iphone Shorts and Notes

            Iphone Shorts and Notes

    It is the year 2013 and before it is over it may be looked upon as the year of the smart phone film. The only thing that is keeping this technology from being recognized as an important part of the digital film making revolution is the fact that there has not been a successful feature film shot with this technology. I am confident that this will change this year.

    One of you reading this is going to make the first major smart phone motion picture if it has not been done already.

    Today I would like to post a few iPhone films that I have been made aware of and by doing so I would like to thank the film makers who have produced these films. Great work guys.

    Okay let’s talk about goals for the upcoming year. The goal of each and every one of you who make these films should be to get better and better at it. Study the craft of film making. Learn as much as you can about screen writing. Keep in mind that you can not make a great low budget film without a great script. Most of the famous indie film makers you have heard about are writer directors. From Kevin Smith to Quintin Tarantino to guys who moved on to major feature film making like Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson. If you need advice on how to become a better screenwriter you can click here to visit a great blog on how to write a low budget screenplay.

    There is a growing audience for these types of films as the devices to make them and distribute them become more and more popular. Identify your audience and network with them as much as possible. This is the audience that will allow you guys to earn a living from making these types of films. Network with other film makers. I know that most of us are mavericks, but we do need to share information as much as possible. By the time that Hollywood takes notice of this growing film industry it will be old and dusty. It is up to each and every one of you.

    Okay that is it for today. Try to visit our advertisers, even by checking them out for a few moments it helps to pay the bills for this site.  Add us to your google plus and stumble us on stumbleupon. Thank you for visiting and keep making movies.
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