Friday, October 11, 2013

Iphone 5 Shorts and Comments

Iphone 5 Shorts and Comments

I am sorry that it has been a few weeks since the last iphone post. I have been busy at work at other blogs, but I am back and would like to show you guys some great new iPhone 5 short films. The first film was shot entirely using the iphone 5 and the music is ringtones from the  phone.

Matt Morris - iPhone 5s adventure from Dave Altizer on Vimeo.

The next film is a combination of iphone 5 footage and the black Magic camera. This goes to show that the iphone can be used to support other film making equipment. Sometimes an expensive camera cannot be used in ever single situation. Sometimes a device like the iphone is the perfect film making tool. Think about this when you are planning your film shoot.

 The last film I want to look at today was shot using an iPhone 4s. Keep in mind that just because the iphone 5 exist this does not mean the 4s is still not a great film making tool. I love the phone and with the next version of the iPhone due out soon the price point of the 4s continues to drop. A lower price makes it even a better film making option. Also, most of the film making tools out there for smart phones were designed for the 4s.
The Snugg
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  3. I adore taking a gander at crude footage from the iPhone and after that bringing somebody over to take a gander at it. Everybody promptly supposes I shot on a DSLR, when indeed I shot on something that cost a small amount of the cost (iPhone with Point N Shoot included). Due to the capability to encode the footage at a high bit rate (50mbs for every second with the Filmic Pro app), the general quality is higher than that of the normal DSLR Polaroid.Finally thanks a lot for your nice post.