Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Iphone Short Films

New Iphone short Films

There are so many iPhone films being produced each week that it is hard to keep up with them and to decide which ones that I would like to spotlight here at this iPhone film making site. Lets get right to it and have a look at a few films. This film is foreign and the truth about the iPhone film making movement is that it has become an extremely popular tool used by film makers in developing countries. Dslr cameras are are to come by in many of these countries, but the iphone, particularly the older models such as the 4s are available and can be used to record amazing footage.  



This short film was shot using the iphone 6. 


   Next is the short iPhone film titled Balloon along with the making of video. advice to all iphone film makers, you can do a great deal to help future film makers by shooting some behind the scene footage.



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