Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Iphone Feature Film Tangerine

The Iphone Feature Film Tangerine

  The day of the iphone film and the iphone filmmaker has arrived. Thanks to the quality of the footage that the camera can record and the lower and lower price of the iphone 4s most beginning film makers can get a world class footage recording device for under one hundred dollars. I know that many of you already have an iphone in your pocket and are only now considering using this device to record your first film.

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 Here a interview done with the film maker behind this iphone film that got a major theatrical release this past summer.


 The film maker mentions sound recording and I would like you to remember that you can use a second iphone to record sound. there are some excellent apps and mics that can be attached to the iphone. This is a new age for film making and the sky is truly the limit where this device is concerned.


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