Friday, June 17, 2016



 The popularity of the iphone as a film making tool has grown well beyond my wildest dreams when I began this blog a few years ago. Not only is it being used in the US, but because of the low priceof the iphone 4s it has become the primary film making camera of low budget film makers the world over. The reasons for this are obvious. 

The iphone in its many different types from the 4s on through the 7 and soon beyond that all have amazing built in cameras. These cameras rival the abilities of most of the high end Dslr cameras. 

The iphone can record in 24p thanks to apps like filmic pro. 

The iphone can record quality native sound and with add ons like the Zoom or external mics it can record motion picture quality sound. 

The iphone can be used, thanks to a few apps, as an editing station. You can record and edit your film inside your smart phone. Welcome to the world of iphone film making. Let’s look at some of the new devices that we can use with our iphone. 

First up is a smartmixer (audio mixer) for your iphone. This is a great little device that I hope to own one day. 


Saramonic Smartmixer Audio Mic for iphone and Android from Smartphone Film Pro on Vimeo.

Next up is the Helium Core, this is going to become the go to all purpose support system for the iphone film maker. I am going to offer you two video demos of this product.

Behind the Scenes shoot with the Helium Core from Helium on Vimeo.

Second video.

Helium Core in action - for more information from Helium on Vimeo.

Vimble. Yes I said Vimble. This is an awesome camera stablizer.

The Best iPhone Stabilizer from Ria Chen on Vimeo.

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