Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Iphone 6 Feature Film Crowdfunding Campaign

You have a few days to add your voice, via social media, and or your money by donating to this crowdfunding campaign. Scratch is a horror comedy being shot entirely with the Iphone 6. For a while the camera provided by the iPhone starting with the 4s has been every bit as good as those of its Dslr rivals. Today I would like to introduce you to the this Indiegogo campaign. the Plot is:

Set in Los Angeles's abandoned Old Zoo, SCRATCH tells the story of two would-be filmmakers who decide to shoot a music video for a local nu metal band on an iPhone in LA's Old Zoo. It's meta-theater. And you, as the audience, will be inside the phones that are strapped to the foreheads of the protagonists while they're shooting.


I understand that this film was shot over 8 days for a budget of about ten thousand dollars. This project looks so interesting that I hope to follow this post up with an interview with the film maker.

Good luck with your film making projects and remember to bookmark this site and to share this post on your google plus.


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