Sunday, May 13, 2012

iPhone Gone Super 8

                 iPhone Old School Look

    Let’s have some fun with our iPhone filmmaking.

    The best thing about filmmaking is the fun you can have experimenting. You can do fan films. You can do your takes on scenes from your favorite movies.

    One of the best ideas that was suggested to me was why not do a super 8 kind of movie with the iPhone. It turns out that the guys who did the movie Super 8 already had that idea. They even came up with an App to help you do just that. All you have to do is visit the App store and find it for about two dollars and it will be well worth it.

    Basically you get to shoot as if you are using an old super 8 camera. The footage is pretty good and with this 8mm vintage App you get to switch from standard 8mm to the 1920's to the 1970's looks. I like the 1970's look so much I am planning on shooting a Grindhouse short film using it.

    One more little filmmaking tip before you start shooting using your vintage 8mm app if you want to have that JJ. Abrams anamorphic lens flare you need to smug your lens with your finger. The oil from your finger will stain the lens enough to produce a natural lens flare.

    Good luck and have fun like the guys who did this Super 8 trailer using the iPhone and if you like this blog we would be grateful if you were to Stumble us on Stumbleupon our goal there is page one.

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