Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    iPhone Supports

    Now that you have your iPhone and you have added some cool filmmaking apps we can move onto getting other things that we will need for our filmmaking.

    We need something to hold the iPhone and to keep it stable.

    These items are known as steadicams or stabilizers. The reason that you will need to get one or the other is that you do not wish for your film to look as if it was shot with a handheld phone even though that is what you are using. Films are stable to look at. They are not shaky unless you are making a found footage movie.

    What I am going to be suggesting today is two options. You can buy professional equipment or if you are good with your hand you can DIY.

    The first video is from a Macworld show. The gentleman answering the questions will mention a great many products that you can use with your iPhone. You can google the products mentioned. Later I will try to track down some links for you.

    Next is a DIY tutorial. Here you will learn to make your own iPhone stablizer.  Understand that if you wish to be an iPhone filmmaker you are going to need something to stabilize you image. Always keep in mind that no matter what you are using to make your movie you still have treat it as if you are making a professional film.

If 9 dollars is too much money to spend on your DIY how about spending a dollar to make your own tripod adapter?  With this you can attach you phone to most tripods.

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